What is Fantrie?

This page explains about Fantrie
Content is important, but creators are more important
People talk about the importance and value of content, but the environment of creators who produce the content is still barren. Creators rely on irregular profits such as advertisements, but the more ads creators post, the worse the channel's quality.
Fantrie is trying to solve problems of the market by achieving the following mission:
Help Creators discover their "True Fans" to make a profit.

Fantrie is a platform on which creators and fans build together

It is possible for creators to make a flying wheel through Fantrie service
Key Services
  • Fan community with simplified creator channel service.
  • Auto-subscription to regularly support creators.
  • Create sustainable contents by the support of fans.
  • Minting NFTs and managing the holder community.
Contents are unlocked after paid subscription
Fantrie allows creators to profit by sharing exclusive content with their paid viewers. Most of the creators on social media had to advertise products. Sometimes they advertise without publicly announcing that it is an ad, which brings massive controversy among fans.
Fantrie is changing the way creators make profit
By providing premium content and receiving subscription fees, Fantrie is beneficial for both the creators and fans. The creators can profit, and the fans can enjoy exclusive content, making a closer connection.
Creators can produce NFT-based content for all content on Fantrie, including music, videos, and photos created by creators. A limited number of fans can buy the content.
Fandom Foundation is working closely with Fantrie for the adoption of Fautor. Both entities know well that forming blockchain and web3.0 services is challenging. Nevertheless, they will achieve meaningful results with many experiments.
For additional information on Fantrie, please visit this link: www.fantrie.com​