What is Fautor?

Explaination of Fautor Project
Fautor is the blochchain project of fandom Foundation

Fautor(FDM) is redefining the communication between creators and fans.

Fautor is a blockchain project that solves the problem between creators and fans.
To make a stronger connection between creators and fans. Fans need to participate in the creator's working process and be a part of the creator's work. The Fans become more motivated to promote their creators.
In the traditional entertainment business, consuming is the only way to participate creator's work. Digitalized works are the same as prior works. Thanks to blockchain technology, it is now possible for fans to hold NFTs and trade them to make a collection.
Fautor has supported creators like the below :
  • Issuing NFTs of creators who have channels in Fantrie
  • Forming their fandom with issued NFTs.
  • Providing a governance forum.
FDM Token and NFTs are working as an advanced tools to manage fans.
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