How can I earn FDM?

Getting FTR

Events Organized by Creator

Fantrie is offering admin tools for the creator to manage their true fans. By organizing, creators can select the fans who own a particular NFT. Creators can manage selected fans by airdropping tokens or another web 3.0 way.

NFT trading (4Q 2022)

Fantrie is currently offering creators minting NFTs and selling them to their fans. As of now, it is only possible for fans to own it. However, the marketplace will launch within the 1st quarter of 2023. Fans will be able to sell the NFTs to other fans.

Social Activity (1Q 2023)

Activities of fans reward themselves. When fans click likes or write a comment on any of the feeds, Fans will get 1 FTR token. Also, creators will have the exact amount of tokens. Each of these activities has a daily cap of 3 FTR.
When a user invites another user, both will get 50 FTR for the referral code.
Fautor currently plans various other incentives to stimulate participation in the platform.

Content Control (2023)

Fans will grade creators' posts on a scale of 1 to 5, and grades are classified as funny, helpful, scary, and sarcastic. Grading is optional, but the admin will acknowledge low-quality posts, which may result in censorship.
Also, reporting non-approved PPLs, malicious content, and unlawful content will be rewarded by tokens.

Advertisement (2023)

(Creator only) Posting ads in their feed can be rewarded with tokens. Ads will be sourced by corporates wanting to offer exclusive deals to the paying users of Fantrie or Launchpad.