This page shows Road Map of Fautor

2021 Q4

🪙 Fandom Token minting on Klaytn (Done)

2022 Q1

🪂 FDM Airdrop Event for Fantrie Subscribers (Done)
🧮 FDM Payment enabled in Fantrie (Done)
🎫 Discount event in TRIE purchase using FDM (Done)

2022 Q2

🚀 Launch Fautor Launchpad (Done)

2022 Q3

🏋🏻 Listing in Bittrex Global (Done)
👨‍🔧 Fautor Governance Forum (Done)

2023 Q2

Social Activity Reward System
Launch Second Hand Market for Pebbles

2023 Q4

Improve Governance Forum of Fautor Foundation