What can I do with Fautor Token?

Buy Trie
Buying Trie, currency used in Fantrie
Buy and Trade Pebbles(NFT)
Buying and trading creator's NFTs with FDM. For every transaction, FDM is collected as trading and copyright fee.
Social Activity
Social activity in and out of the platform to attract more users is rewarded by FDM
Content Boosting
Used by creators and fans to attract more users to the channel
Used by corporates to advertise in the platform
Fautor Launchpad
Support Project
Projects proposed by creators and users
Staking FDM offers users with vFDM which has voting rights for FAUTOR DAO

Acquire Trie in Fantrie(our leading partner)

To see content on Fantrie platform (our leading partner), you need Trie. You can use Fautor token(FTR), among other payment methods.
Fautor is holding a discount event for users paying in FDM.

Support Creators' Project through Fautor Launchpad (2Q 2022)

Upon launch of Fautor Launchpad, Fandom Token owners can support projects. Please refer to What is Fautor Launchpad? for more information.

Trade NFTs in Fantrie (1Q 2023)

NFTs are one of the most popular contents in Fantrie. 'Pebbles' is the name of NFT content.
In the 1st quarter of 2023, Fantrie will launch the NFT resell market. FDM can be used by users when they trade with each other.

Content Boosting (4Q 2022)

Currently, Fantrie platform is operating discretely. Users need to discover new creators within Fantrie. Fantrie will adopt new ways to advertise the creator's pages. The mechanism is going to work like how Google Ads is working with the introduction of auction based CPM model.

Purchase Merch (2Q 2023)

The foundation is preparing legal entities that produce merchandise for fans. Online merch shop will receive tokens.
Also, offline usage of the token will be provided, such as private restaurants, parties, etc.
With the large fanbase on the platform, a corporate advertisement will be available through FDM tokens. Creators need to abide by guidelines provided by the advertiser.

Governance Vote / Staking

Please refer to the Governance section.