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What is Pebbles?

Pebbles is a limited edition content service that mints NFTs when creators upload content for sale, allowing only limited fans to access the content. Creators directly set the sales period and issuance volume to restrict fans' access to the content. Fans must purchase NFT to access the content.
How pebbles works in Fantrie
So far, Pebbles has minted more than 51,000 tokens, and an average of around 80 tokens are minted and sold daily. You can check the detailed minting history through Klaytn Scope below.
Fantrie Pebbles in Scope

Expansion creators possibility with Fantrie Pebbles.

Fautor aims to enhance the expansion of creators into the Web 3.0 realm based on NFTs minted on Fantrie. Fautor provides an NFT wallet within Fantrie to facilitate various whitelist events. It continuously develops a system for creators forming fandoms based on the Fantrie platform to collaborate with various Web 3.0 projects.
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