Utilities of FTR

Buy Trie in Bulk
Buying Trie in bulk, currency used in Fantrie
Buy and Trade Pebbles(NFT)
Buying and trading creator's NFTs with FTR. For every transaction, FTR is collected as a trading and copyright fee.
voting rights for Fautor Gevernance

Acquire Trie in bulk.

To see content in Fantrie, fans need Trie. Some big fans want to get TRIE in bulk, but the platform doesn't support over 10,000$ transactions. However, through FTR can buy TRIE in bulk at a discounted price.

Trade NFTs in Fantrie (Q3 2023)

NFTs are one of the most popular contents in Fantrie. 'Pebbles' is the name of NFT content.
In the 1st quarter of 2023, Fantrie will launch the NFT resell market. FDM can be used by users when they trade with each other.

Governance Voting

Please refer to the Governance section.