What is Creator Channel Token(CCT)?

Explaination of Creator Channel Token(CCT)
Creator channel tokens are not related to revenue activities. However, the transactions of CCT are stored in the blockchain as data of the interaction between creators and fans.

The creator channel token (after this referred to as CCT) is a token for fans and creators to play.

CCT is a token you get depending on how long you stay in the creator's channel. If you remain in the creator's channel for extended periods, you will receive more creators' tokens. The maximum CCT you can receive per day is 24 CCT. We calculate the connection time of the fans at 00:00(KST) every day and give them tokens. If a user has stuck around the creator's channel for an hour and 23 minutes, a 1.368 CCT will be rewarded.
1 hour = 1 CCT
1 minute = 0.016 CCT

One of the tools for creators and fans.

For creators, the number of CCTs is the result of fans' sincere commitment, and for fans, CCT is a tool to contact creators. Creators and fans can play simple games with CCT. You can make a quick bet with creators in Fantrie or comment on the outfit of the creators you want to choose for the next stage. If a creator is familiar with blockchain, he can also provide NFT that can trade with CCT.

Simple Economy of CCT

It would help if you had CCTs to participate in the creator's small games. Depending on the games, more CCTs may be returned, but by default, CCTs fans used are incinerated.