What is Fautor?

Explaination of Fautor Project
Fautor means a supporter in Latin

Fautor is focusing on a creator-fan economy in Web 3.0.

Fautor is a project to build a creator-fan economy based on Fantrie service using blockchain technology. Fantrie is a platform service designed for creators and fans, based on fans' support, to help creators engage in continuous creative activities. Since its first operation in March 2021, it has accumulated 700,000 registered users who support its creators and over 1000 creators who manage their fandoms.
Fantrie has a distribution structure that minimizes platform revenue and maximizes creator revenue. It is viewed as a WEB 2.5 service and is the only source of revenue for fans excluded from creators and platforms. While considering a revenue structure that can generate revenue for fans, Fantrie decided to expand to WEB3.0 with the project name Fautor which means supporter in Latin.
Fautor has supported creators like the below :
  • Issuing NFTs of creators who have channels in Fantrie
  • Forming their fandom with issued NFTs.
  • Providing NFT managing tools for creators and fans.
FTR Token and NFTs are working as advanced tools to manage fans.
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