The Loyal Fans

Fans are the key of all the business

Fandom Business

Every product in the market has fans. Since the market size differs depending on how the fans are defined, it isn't significant to measure the size of the fandom-based business market. Instead, what is more, important is to understand the meaning of fans. In modern society, fans are the center of consumption. Fans lead the market, and market participants strive to create fans. People make purchase decisions influenced by word of mouth and the publicity of fans. If you have fans, you have a market where you can sell products. Simultaneously, fans create their new market. Fans are at the center of market activities, from influencer marketing to reselling markets.

Who are the loyal Fans?

Fans are the enthusiasts. Generally, they are represented by people who are very into celebrities and sports artists. However, the things that people are enthusiastic about are broader. It can be any brand, product, or character. Fans line up to buy concert tickets and sleep in front of the store to buy Supreme. Fans buy them several times the original price to collect all released products. Collecting goods related to characters is an old hobby. Fans do whatever it takes if it is related to their enthusiasm, no matter how difficult it is, and they would like to prove it.

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